Southern California Speed Skating Association
Following is a list of  SCSSA members who have passed away over the years. 
This page is not intended to list everyone that was ever involved with the SCSSA, but instead, 
to list those people who were very special to the organization at one time or another, 
such as long time members, lifetime members, past National Champions, Olympic and/or World Team Members, 
and especially those who might have passed away during the time they were active in our organization.
These people, who contributed to our sport beyond the average person, are remembered each year by the
Southern California Memorial Championships.
Listed in no particular order, and possibly not including everyone:

BILL CAWTHRA  Bill was a Lifetime Member and Past President of the SCSSA, as well as the Glacier Falls Speed Skating Club, and the Amateur Speedskating Union (ASU).  He spent many hours coaching, especially the younger skaters.  Bill was also a National Level Starter.  Bill passed away on June 21, 2012, at the age of 85.

BILL DISNEY:   Bill was an active skater and coach here in Southern California for many years.   Member of Olympic team and Silver Medalist in 1960.  National and North American Indoor (now Short Track) Champion, National official, promoter and team coach.    He was inducted into the National Speedskating Hall of Fame in 1971.  He passed away on April 22, 2009 of emphysema.  He was 77 years old.

TERRY COOK:  Terry, son of Son Cook (listed below) skated for the Ice Club DeMorra during the late 1960's and 1970's.  He was a hopeful for the 1968 Olympic Team, but those hopes were dashed by his getting drafted.  Terry died of a massive heart attack on March 10, 2008.  He was just 57 years old.

JEANETTE HARVEY:  Jeanette was a long time supporter of the Southern California Speed Skating Association, and of the Ice Club DeMorra.  She sponsored our young skaters to the Nationals for several years in a row.  She passed away of natural causes on February 21, 2008.

CHUCK AEDO: Chuck was the 1962 Senor Men's National Indoor (Short Track) Champion.  He died of cancer in late 2007.  In recent years, Chuck was involved with the Buenanueva Foundation, Inc.  That foundation is to help young people in need develop into respected, self-dependent and productive members of our communities by supporting and implementing teen pregnancy prevention with mentoring, educational assistance and child care programs.  In 2008, Chuck received a Certificate of Appreciation from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his leadership in the Buenanueva Foundation.

PETER EBERLING:  Peter was a member of the Ice Club Demorra, and a member of the 1972 Olympic Long Track team competing in Sapporo, Japan.  He passed away on June 24, 2007.  He was just 55 years old, and died of complications relating to a severe ulcer.

WAYNE (MIKE) MICHELSON:  Mike was National Champion twice, Juvenile Boys in 1959, and Intermediate Men in 1963.  Mike passed away in 2006.

DUNCAN McPHERSON:  Duncan served as SCSSA President, Amateur Speedskating Union (ASU) President, and Pickwick Speed Skating Club President.   For years, there was a memorial race in Duncan's memory during the Southern California Championships.  He passed away in the late 1970s.

SON COOK:   Son was a very active benefactor in both the South Bay Club, in Torrance, and the Ice Club DeMorra.  He also was a judge at meets for years.  Son passed away in 1983.

ROSS ZUCCO: 1960 Olympic Team Member, Ross specialized in the 10,000 meters.  His 10th place time (16:37.6) was the fastest for an American skater in Olympic Competition, a record which stood for 12 years.  Ross was killed by a drunk driver just a few miles from Paramount Iceland in the summer of 1960.  For almost 40 years, Ice Club DeMorra hosted an annual 10,000 meter Memorial race in memory of Ross.

MIKE HOTCHKISS:  A member of the Glacier Falls Speed Skating Club, Mike was remembered by the Club just for being a great guy.  He was friends with everybody.  Mike was killed in Vietnam in 1967, at the age of 20.  There was a memorial race in the State Championships for several years in Mike’s memory.  He was deeply missed.
A copy of Mike's entry on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page is HERE, and a photo of Mike's entry on the actual  Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.  An accounting of the battle Mike was killed in can be found HERE.

RICHARD SEARCH:  Richard only skated for about 3 years.  At the relatively young age of 19, he became very involved in fund raising, and made almost $300.00 (maybe the equivalent of $1000 in today’s dollars) for the 1965 California State Championships.   A future draftsman, he designed a new Glacier Falls Speed Skating Club patch, which was worn on the chest of the club uniforms (as was customary in those days) for years after.  He died of Leukemia in 1966, at the age of 22.  For several years, the California State Championships included a Memorial Mile race dedicated to Richard, with a large trophy purchased with funds that he had raised for the 1966 State Championships.

RALPH PRATER:  Ralph was very active in the DeMorra Club, along with his wife Tiny.  Their two children, Steve and Stacy, were both National Indoor (now “Short Track”) Champions in the late 1960's. For their hard work and dedication, Ralph and Tiny were both bestowed a Lifetime Membership in the SCSSA in the late 1970’s.  Ralph passed away in 1984.

FRANK ZAMBONI:  Frank not only built Iceland in 1938, he is the inventor of the Zamboni resurfacing machine.  Frank was made a lifetime member of the SCSSA in 1985, for his contribution to ice skating, thereby making our sport of indoor (short track) speed skating possible.  He passed away in c1989.

BRIAN SWEENEY:   Ice Club DeMorra member Brian was well liked by everyone, and played a major part in putting on the 1979 Nationals here in So. California.  He died suddenly in 1984 of a possible heart attack.  He was in his 40’s.

PETER WILLIAMSON:  (Additional Photo) An SCSSA member who moved to Canada in his late teens, Peter was on the 1972 Olympic Team for Canada, and went on to become Technical Director for Speed Skating in the Canadian Amateur Speed Skating Association (now Speed Skating Canada).  One of his duties was to train and certify the top Canadian speed skating coaches, as well as develop training programs for all levels of  skaters in Canada.  He never forgot his roots, and was instrumental in the organization of the DeMorra on-ice training program in 1990.  Peter died very suddenly, of a brain aneurysm, in 1991.  He was about 45 years old.

HARRY (HASH) FEDDER.  Hash was a member of the group that re-vitalized the Culver City club in the mid 1980’s.  He was an SCSSA official timer, seldom missing a meet.  His hobbies were recumbent bicycles and racing turtles (really).  He died of a possible heart attack around 1992.  He too was young, around the age of 45.

JOHN STORM.  John was awarded a lifetime membership in the SCSSA in 1991, in recognition of his nearly 50 years of involvement with speed skating in Southern California and the DeMorra Club.  He died of cancer in about 1995, at the possible age of 70.

GEORGE WILLSON:  George was a avid skater and official for the SCSSA for many years.  He and his wife Anna were National Assistant judges and officiated most National Short Track Championships for years.  As a lawyer, he did the work necessary to reinstate the SCSSA IRS 501c3 tax status in 1989, at no charge.   George was also the Grandfather of Keith and Charles King.  He died in 1999.

BARBARA SMITH (seen here as SCSSA President, with Frank Zamboni) Barbara was very active in the SCSSA for about 10 years.  During that time, she served in almost every capacity possible:  Parent (her son, Brian, raced in the early 1980's), meet clerk, heat box coordinator, Heat Box clerk at several National Championships, even Novice Coach in the mid 1980's  In 1991, she was honored as an SCSSA Lifetime Member.  She died on March 10, 2000, apparently of heart complications.   In the early 90's, Barbara left Southern California for the San Francisco area, to be closer to her son, Brian.  There she continued her involvement with speed skating with the Northern California Speedskating Association.   She came out to the races and sessions whenever she could, where she continued in her role of "greeter."
NCSA President Mary Wong said: “Barbara was the first LA skater I met, when my mom and dad and I showed up at a speed skating session out of the blue in 1987.   She told me to put my skates on and get out there!  She helped officiate at the first race the Golden Gate Speed Skaters put on, in 1989".   Barbara even helped clerk the 1999 National Short Track in San Jose.  She was always there, ready to help, and probably did more than most anyone else to help speed skating at the local level.

A few other important names:

BILL POSTMA and DEWEY ALGERS:  These were two of the four charter members of the DeMorra Club.  These four skaters named the DeMorra Club after Lake Morra, the lake in Holland that they skated races on when they were kids.  I do not know any details of their deaths except that they died during the late 1980’s.

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