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  • 42 National Champions! 3/2014 
  • 15 Olympic Team Members! 01-2014
  • 13 World Team Members!  1/2011
  • 16 World Junior Short Track Team Team Members! January 2014!
  • Congratulations to Jordan Malone, JR Celski, and Eddy Alvarez
  •    on making the 2014 US Olympic Short Track Team!
    • Jean Uyehara, President
    • Lloyd Brewer, 1st Vice President
    • Morgan Chen, 2nd Vice President
    • Executive Secretary and Treasurer to be Announced 
    • Novice Coach: Katelyn Brewer
    Speed skating in Southern California is made possible thanks to the generosity of people like you.
    If you wish to help, please see our Contribution Page 
    While most speed skating in the United States is centered in the eastern half of the country, we are located on the West Coast, 
    right near Los Angeles. 
    NOTE~  Glacial Gardens is now called "The Rinks Lakewood Ice".
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    Without club ice it is almost impossible to maintain a program that will be able to grow young people into athletes or give anyone the opportunity the chance to experience an Olympic sport in Socal.
    Currently we have two clubs in Socal,  Santa Clarita Speedskating which is beginning to make an real impact and our new club LA Speedskating here in Lakewood.
    Here is the link to the "Contact Us" page for The Rinks Lakewood Ice.  The names you should focus on are Phil Zamora - General Manager for Lakewood Ice and The Rinks Vice President Art Trottier. 

     We must not give up our dreams.  Our kids, athletes and future Olympians must remember that the struggles to become or achieve our goals are what makes our accomplishments so sweet.
    Please forward this to as many people as you can,

    God Bless,
    Lloyd Brewer SCSSA 1st Vice Presiden

    Santa Clarita Speed Skating Club 

    Ice Station Valencia (near Magic Mountain)
    Valencia, California
    Regular Ice Times:   Tuesdays, 6:25-7:30 PM and Thursdays, 5:55-7:30 PM

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    Short Track or Long Track:  What's the Difference??

    NOTICE:We have complete loaner equipment for new skaters, and
    kids are especially welcome!
    All you need to bring is a long sleeved shirt, long pants, and gloves if you have them.
    A parent or guardian must come with you the first time you skate.
    Parents are encouraged to stay and watch (we have a lot that do)!!
    Note: Groups of more than a few skaters:
    Please notify us in advance of your visit, so we can be better prepared to help you!
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    CONTACTS: For more information, please feel free to contact any of the following:

    Jean Uyehara, SCSSA President scssaboard@yahoo.com
    Ron Halcrow, Santa Clarita Speed Skating Club President (661) 373-3221 ron@halcrow.us

    Click to visit the LA84 website.
    The SCSSA is indebted to The LA84 Foundation of Los Angeles (Formerly the Amateur Athletic Foundation).  We would most likely be non-existent, and Rusty Smith, Maria Garcia, and JR Celski would most likely not have become members of the U.S. Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team
    were it not for the gracious assistance of 
    The LA84 Foundation.
    Thank You!
    * Speed skating in Southern California is made possible thanks to the generosity of people like you.  Contributions to the Southern California Speed Skating Association, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.

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